June 10, 2013

Moron Monday shows radical Left just doesn’t get it : NC SPIN Balanced Debate for the Old North State

Sen. Thom Goolsby
The Real Moron

This guy is the "Moron", to use his his own words.

How can a person that claims to represent NC citizens pull off calling NC people "morons"? He claims Reverend Barker is a fake and insults pretty much all of the folks that attended legislature Monday protests. He also referred to the attendees as "mostly white, angry, aged former hippies" and insults them all while lumping them all into the class of "Radical Left".

Seems more like Thom Goolsby along with his friends the Three Amigos (Tillis, Berger and Stam) are the real Morons in NC. All aggressively push agendas to ignore the lower income state citizens and those that need help to live and get health care. The real GOP Morons have taken radical steps to take away health care, unemployment assistance, equality, marriage rights, public school funding, reduce voting rights, slant voters to the GOP side and even reduce educational capacity in the state.

Its not the Democrats bankrupting the state. It is the current crop of GOP elected folks that have taken over the legislature and are using that to trash the state and continue to make NC rank among the poorest places to live and work. With the GOP agenda the average and lower income citizens will pay more taxes, lose ground and find it even harder to find work in the state for as long as this distortion of state government continues.

His radical views are pretty well covered in this article published by NC Spin.

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June 7, 2013

NCDOT Removes EV Charging Stations From Rest Stops | WUNC

NC fails to support public interest in rechargeable cars and stops effort to use renewable energy on NC roads.

Poor planning and lack of foresight causes NC DOT and lawmakers to fail in an effort to support use of rechargeable cars on NC highways. According to DOT spokeswoman Julia Casadonte "the stations were meant to be a temporary pilot project" and that the department removed the charging stations to resolve a conflict in laws. Rather than solve a problem of how to accommodate payment for recharging, the DOT removed the stations because a poorly planned directive required the DOT to find a way to charge drivers for using the stations. This conflicted with a Federal law saying charges may be only made for vending machine services along highways. 

The charging stations were in fact being used by the public. Over 14 months 146 vehicles were recharged at a total cost of $44.00 for the energy consumed. Since the state did not find a way to allow customers to pay for the service they decided to just "pull the plug" and remove the chargers. 

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June 5, 2013

Enough is enough | Vote them all out

Its time to get the NC Republicans that do not support the needs of NC citizens out of office. Vote them out at the next opportunity and vote in representatives that do care about citizens.

Taking away unemployment benefits from those out of work is just not right. Withholding health care and benefits from those that do not have the means to buy it is just not right. Reducing the quality of education and reducing funding for teachers and schools is just not right.

In fact, lets all start moving to get them out of those cushy jobs now. There is absolutely no need to have GOP Rep's in the legislature moving the state backward in time and crushing those that do not meet their standards and views for being state residents.

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