October 18, 2016

NC and the bathroom police

NC Bathroom Police Captain

Worried about a Trans person coming into the bathroom when you are in there? Worry no more!

Governor Pat McCrory has decided that he will be Captain of the new "bathroom police" (he likes to pretend to be a leader) beginning just after the 2016 Governor's election. He will be joined by his band of merry men in the legislature that also want to be part of the bathroom police force.

They all claim to have great qualifications to inspect your birth certificate and check your private parts to insure your parts match the birth certificate. Or that you have legally changed your birth sex of record on the certificate. Each inspector will be equipped with special birth certificate reading glasses and special state issued rubber gloves to use when they check you and the Trans people out. Why both? They say they have to check everyone since there may not be any visible difference in character and appearance so inspections for all will be the rule of the day with the special police.

Be sure after the election you start carrying a copy of your birth certificate every time you visit a state or public bathroom!

October 17, 2016

HB2 Pat at the End of Your Political Carreer

Happy Birthday Pat McCrory! And sayonara from all the state citizens that you discriminated against with the urgent passage of your illegal and immoral HB2 law.

You, Phil Berger and Tim Moore deserve all the destruction to your political careers that you get from here on out. In your boundless ignorance you remain blinded to reality in your self denial and enormous lack of understanding of the diverse population in our state and country as you drift in the past.

October 12, 2016

Burr ties himself to a raging maniac

Sen. Burr Risks It All

Senator Richard Burr has tied his political future to a self destructing candidate. Or is it a falling rock? Either way he has now left himself riding the fiery crash of Donald Trump as Trump scorches the earth in his own last campaign days.

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October 10, 2016

The big lie about NC HB2 purpose

Extreme Religious View

An extreme religious group, Institute for Faith and Family (IFF), has created a video to project a complete lie and fabrication about the alleged need for the highly controversial and unconstitutional NC House Bill 2 (HB2). The fabrication by this extreme group uses a young female student at a Greenville Christian Academy to claim repealing the law would allow men and boys to shower in and use bathrooms with women and girls and would endanger them by allowing predators into the facilities.

The truth is there has NEVER been a case of a man or boy using women's locker or restrooms anywhere and endangering women and girls. The whole fabrication is being pushed onto NC people and TV viewers by Tami Fitzgerald, director of the extreme IFF organization, and similar extremists trying to pivot citizens away from repealing the unjust and unconstitutional law.

The law is a hate bill fabrication of Representatives Tim Moore and Phil Berger, and rushed through the NC Legislature for signature by Governor McCrory in just 12 hours in March. There was no discussion or debate allowed and the HB2 law in fact discriminates against LGBTQ citizens and prevents NC communities from passing laws to provide them with protections afforded to other citizens. Fallout has now cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars and jobs and planned sports have been moved out of state for years to come.

This year, more than ever, it is extremely important to vote and get the extremist politicians out of the Legislature and government and restore sanity to NC governmental processes. It is equally important to speak out and rebuke the extremists pushing distorted views on citizens and the state.

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October 9, 2016

Trump Absurdities

Raging Donald Trump

Donald Trump Denied NC Civil Rights Museum Access

During the heated 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump and his team tried to get the NC Civil Rights Museum to allow them to freely roam around the site to make photo-op pictures of him in the museum. The museum staff told them the museum is for the public and educational purposes and he could not use the site for political purposes. 

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