December 19, 2016

Two nuts in a row

The real nut case speaks out. Franklin Graham says that it was not the Russians but was God that elected Trump!

Franklin will never be like his Dad Billy Graham so he has to make up headlines to grab attention when he can!

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December 17, 2016

Yet another McCrory show of ignorance

Pat's Ignorance Continues

Even after Pat McCrory has lost the election he continues to show his ignorance and hatefulness by agreeing with the spiteful NC GOP power grab movement. He is showing how narrowminded he is and that he does not know how to respect the office and support his own new governor.

The latest McCrory failure to respect the will of state citizens is shown in this news article...

Gov. McCrory begins to sign bills that limit power of Gov.-elect Cooper, Democrats

December 2, 2016

Pat made the Mad Magazine " 20 Dumbest" List For NC HB2

Thanks, Pat. It's been great fun!

Congratulations to former Governor Pat McCrory for making the Mad Magazine "20 Dumbest" list.

This is a great honor for any governor to be chosen for. What a great honor for NC and the GOP plan for the state to be one of the most discriminatory states in the country. Congrats also go to the GOP leaders Moore, Berger and Stam for their tireless contributions in pushing discrimination in all they do for the state! Great job guys!!!

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