September 30, 2016

McCrory's sleazy sickly lady commercial

A new September 2016 TV ad peddling more of McCrory's twisted hatred for anything good in North Carolina shows how he stretches the truth pretending to say he is not responsible for failures and problems in previous years in the state's crime lab.

The ad features a sickly sounding lady that appears to be around forty or fifty years old. She was born in and living in Atlanta and did not live in NC when the incident occurred. She was actually molested by her own family members as revealed in an interview not referenced in the advertisement. In her pale, fainting voice she tries to paint a picture of how she was molested or raped when she was nine years old and how this might be connected to failures of McCrory's opponent and how McCrory's administration's crime lab did not process rape kits and evidence in a timely manner. The truth is it was in no way connected to the NC crime lab. Interesting that it occurred almost forty years ago in another state. This actually happened before McCrory and Cooper both were a part of North Carolina's government. 

This is clearly another of McCrory's blatant lies that goes along with his pattern of pumping up his own version of his reputation, supporting his personal legislation attacking the NC LGBTQ community and trampling rights of citizens. 

View the ad and read the information about it...