October 18, 2016

NC and the bathroom police

NC Bathroom Police Captain

Worried about a Trans person coming into the bathroom when you are in there? Worry no more!

Governor Pat McCrory has decided that he will be Captain of the new "bathroom police" (he likes to pretend to be a leader) beginning just after the 2016 Governor's election. He will be joined by his band of merry men in the legislature that also want to be part of the bathroom police force.

They all claim to have great qualifications to inspect your birth certificate and check your private parts to insure your parts match the birth certificate. Or that you have legally changed your birth sex of record on the certificate. Each inspector will be equipped with special birth certificate reading glasses and special state issued rubber gloves to use when they check you and the Trans people out. Why both? They say they have to check everyone since there may not be any visible difference in character and appearance so inspections for all will be the rule of the day with the special police.

Be sure after the election you start carrying a copy of your birth certificate every time you visit a state or public bathroom!

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