November 25, 2016

McCrory Unable To Face Reality Two Weeks After The Election

Pat McCrory and his campaign crew just cannot let go. Like a dog with a bone, he seems to be incapable of facing reality and acknowledging his clear defeat in the 2016 governor's election.

He either cannot understand how much economic damage he has brought to the state or wants to trick citizens into thinking he has done good things for the state and refuses to go back to where he came from. His personal involvement in legislative efforts to bring discrimination into state government has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in income to the state and taken jobs away from thousands of people that work in jobs directly tied to these losses. Dozens of sports events have cancelled events in the state and have moved out of the region. Multiple big corporations have decided to not bring their businesses to NC and not expand businesses already here.

During the entire campaign he pretended he had done no wrong when he signed into law HB2, the controversial law the NC GOP dominated legislature created that clearly put the state in the position of discriminating against many individuals in NC.

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