April 16, 2013

Stam introduces bill to take tax money away from public schools and benefit his friends wanting to avoid one of the lowest rated school systems in the country

Paul Stam strikes again by introducing a bill that would continue the streak of taking tax dollars (on top of rights) away from the majority of state citizens and would hand the funds off to benefit wealthy prejudiced  friends and connections. He wants to pass legislation that would take some ninety million dollars over two years from everyone's tax money and hand it to wealthy folks that want to send their children to private schools to avoid the public school system.

It's interesting he's the BFF of Apex Mayor Keith Weatherly, the owners of the Thales Academy in Apex and no doubt with others wanting to build private schools. And now he wants to take advantage of folks by taking taxpayer's dollars to give to friends to send their kids to private schools at the expense of public schools.

Stam says his plan should be known as the "Opportunity Scholarship program" and not a voucher program. He thinks this will fool folks into thinking it is good for them and not oppose it. Everyone else says it is simply a voucher scheme and will drain vital funds away from public schools already being underfunded by Stam and his legislative buddies.

If you look back as recently as the Governor Mike Easley era, North Carolina has been consistently ranked low on the education ladder, low in teacher pay and behind most other states and is not producing future employees and leaders other states are producing. North Carolina is ranked way down toward the bottom of the list on funding for schools and teachers and is introducing the voucher program as yet another way to drain off more education funds to promote private purposes most families are excluded from.

Read the entire article - http://www.wral.com/bill-would-provide-state-money-for-private-school-tuition/12342960/

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